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A Hillier Vineyard

We are committed to grow a healthy vineyard and harvest premium grapes for quality
wine & spirit.
Our Motto: Moderately enjoy quality beverage with food. 
Our Special thanks to Government of Canada, OMAFRA, IRAP, Research & Innovation/Niagara College, Green Centre Canada and each individual for their
supported to achieve successful researches.
Soon our products will be offered through various channels.
Our Arak “ dawalee ”,
Our Brandy “Spirit of P.E.C.”
Our Wine “St Antonio”

About Our Farm

The Vineyard

In 2008, we conducted several topsoil tests at the University of Guelph and 2009,
fifty-two test-holes were excavated in order to study the depth and structure of the
topsoil. The tests identified the best locations to plant the vines. All vines were
purchased from a reputable nursery to reduce the risk of diseases.  Vineyard planting
was conduct as follows:

2009, first vineyard block (8.31 acres) Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Riesling.
2010, second block (3.25 acres) Hybrid.
2013, third block (1.4 acre) mixture.
2014, fourth block (2.44 acres) Hybrid.
2017, fourth block continuation (4.8 acres) Hybrid.
2020, fourth block continuation (1.66 acres) Hybrid.

The Land

Geographically, the land is situated at 43.9 Degrees North, similar in latitude to
Bordeaux, France or Oregon, USA. The location is good for producing wine that is
unique to the terroir, especially sparkling wine, late harvest wine, and ice wine. 
The land is ideally located less than two miles from Lake Ontario. The topsoil depth is
between 1.5 to 6.0 feet, sitting on loose shale deposits of limestone with an abundant
quantity of gravel that provides good drainage. The land benefits from a good airflow.
With proper vineyard management, the land has a great potential to produce good grapes.

The County

The topsoil structure and the proximity to Lake Ontario gives Prince Edward County
(PEC) the conditions for growing grapes to produce wine and liquor. The potential for
Prince Edward County (P.E.C.) to be a destination for lovers of nature, food, and wine
is growing year after year.  Many reasons are behind this growth:
1. Central location between Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto;
2. Growing appreciation for more natural healthier food;
3. Diversified farming;
4. Growing culinary market;
5. A wine appellation (since 2007) with continually growing number of wineries, breweries,
cideries and distilleries.

Come Visit Us

We are located in the heart of the Prince Edward County